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How can I find my Username and Password?

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posted this on April 10, 2013, 3:39 PM

Issue: I need to know what my username and Password is for my computer.


Username refers to the name of the user authorized to gain access to your computer. All Windows and OS X-based computers use a username and, in a home environment,  it is normally defined by the owner of the compute. Username Examples: WyseAdmin, PWilliams, Me or JDoe. For most windows computers, this username can be found by going to the Start menu and you'll be able to see the username on the top right hand corner of the pop-up. See Figure 1 below., If use Mac OS X, you can find your user name on the upper right hand corner next to the Spotlight icon. On Figure 2, you will see that the username is "Wyse"

Windows_Username_-_Higlighted.png    Mac_Username.png

               Figure 1 - Finding your Username under Windows                                Figure 2 - Username on the Mac

Password is used to verify that the Username entered has the key to gain access to your computer. Passwords are normally a hidden value, meaning that they are displayed as "dots" or "asterisks" by most systems, so if you lost your password, you may have some difficulty getting into your system (Mac or Windows). For Windows XP, this is optional, on all other Windows versions, it is a required field by default. Example: Pa$$w0rd

    • NOTE FOR XP PRO USERS: If you have not defined a password on your XP computer, leave this box blank and just press OK on your login screen to continue, otherwise you will get a message "invalid Credentials" or something similar. Windows XP does not support NLA so DO NOT enable this feature.

IMPORTANT: Please note that recovering your passwords is beyond the scope of our technical support, but here are a couple of ideas on the subject:

If you lost your password, do a search on "how do I recover my password" and there are some utilities that will display the letters behind the asterisks. You can do a search on "displaying your password" to get some of these utilities.

TIP: Another way to find the username under ANY version of Windows, is by launching the command prompt app, or under "Run ..." enter "cmd" and press enter, and your username will be shown. See figure 3 below..


                                                                 Figure 3 - Windows Username

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