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What is the PocketCloud Companion and where can I get it from?

PocketCloud Support
posted this on November 17, 2011, 9:54 AM

The PocketCloud Companion is a free software program designed to be installed on a Windows PC (Windows Companion) or on a Mac PC(Mac Companion) which works in combination with PocketCloud Desktop, Explore or Explore Web to enhance the customer experience. This is done by enabling more advanced capabilities such as Auto-discovery, Diagnostics, File Browsing, etc.

What is "Auto discovery" and what is it used for?

Auto discovery is a feature that allows PocketCloud Desktop and Explore to discover all your computers that have the PocketCloud Companion installed. These computers are then presented on your PocketCloud Desktop and Explore without the need of any network configuration.  You will still need to provide your credentials (Username/Password/Domain) in order to connect to your computer.

Are there any requirements to use auto discovery?

Yes. The Companion is only available for Windows and Mac OS X and requires that you have a Gmail account to connect to.

Are there other alternatives to connect?

Yes, you can always use manual connections and enable port-forwarding on your router if you need to connect from outside your network, but that is a very complicated proposition for most users.

Where can I download the software?

Go to Downloads) 

IMPORTANT: Please review the Users Guide for more details on requirements and installing the Companion software  on your computer.

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